You've spent a lot of hours working on your project: writing, revising, refining, practicing, planning, and recording . . . when it comes time to pull it all together, you don't want to skimp on the mix.

Knowing that a mix shapes a listener’s perception of a recording, we take an active, attentive approach to the process. We believe in a "revolving door" mixing approach, ensuring that whatever sound or part is most important or interesting is featured in any given moment. The end result is a powerful, balanced, and fun mix that subtly pulls the listener's attention in all the right directions.

We offer full recall, with multiple mixdown options available on demand, including [minus one] instrumental mixes and stems.

MountainSize Mixing Clients:
Quietdrive, Dropping Daylight, Down and Above, Seconds Before, Minus 3, New Holland, The Slain, Lakland, Dark Glass, and CBS Sports.