As the final step in the creative chain, mastering is a crucial process that can make or break a record.

A well mastered track can be a joy to listen to in any listening environment. We've all heard those unfortunate examples of brick-wall limiting that ruin a great mix, rendering a track LOUD, but practically unlistenable. We've also all heard those recordings that fall on the other end of the spectrum: unmastered (or poorly mastered) recordings tend to fall flat when compared to their properly mastered contemporaries. 

We go to great lengths to avoid these pitfalls of mastering. Through a meticulous process of selective frequency carving, gain staging, and a combination of subtle compression and expansion, we deliver a lively and delightful master track. The finished product is full of sonic integrity: competitively loud, yet punchy and detailed, highlighting nuance and delivering that "gelled" sound that you only get from a well-mastered track.

We deliver files in multiple quality levels: CD quality (for the manufacturer), super-fidelity files (for audiophiles and for delivering to online distributors such as BandCamp and TuneCore), and high-quality mp3s (for easy listening and sharing).

Our rates are very competitive, and our turnaround time is quick.  Contact us for more info.

MountainSize Mastering Clients:
Quietdrive, American Revival, Fires at Night, Down and Above, Seconds Before, The Phoenix Philosophy, Smith Made Music, Songs of Eli, The Slain, Southtown Avengers, Lingua Luna, Tyler Blanski, Anthony Perry, and others.